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Pastor Zac Page

Pastor Zac and Leah Page

Pastor Zac Page never dreamed or planned that he would be a pastor.
Instead, he hoped to make it big in the business world.
That all changed midway through his college experience as
God grabbed ahold of his life
pointed him in a whole new direction.

Leah began doing ministry in high school when she led
out in the CCC Youth Prayer Conference.
She dreamed that she would one day marry a pastor
and that they could do ministry together.

 Zac and Leah met doing ministry together on the CCC Youth Evangelism Team, and they enjoy nothing more than to serve Jesus together. Zac graduated from PUC with a BA in Theology,and Leah also took two years toward her Theology degree at the same time. After PUC, Zac and Leah had the privilege of leadingthe Youth Evangelism Team (YET) for two years,
where they were thrilled to have a front row seat as they watched God transformteenagers' lives all around Central California. 
Zac later went on to complete a Master of Divinity from Andrews University, while Leah also completed her BA in Theology. Then they went on to serve at Modesto Central SDA church for two and a half years before they clearly sensed God calling them to come to Templeton Hills SDA church. 
Their number one passion is to see people fall in love with Jesus!

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