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Templeton Hills Adventist School

Meet the School

Templeton Hills Adventist School was established in 1981.  A ministry of the Templeton Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church, the school’s purpose is to bring quality Christian education to the North County.  All of the pictures of nature on this site were take by Luis Beltre, and are just a few glimpses of the beautiful sights around the campus. 

Mission Statement

The desire of Templeton Hills 7th-Day Adventist School (THAS) is to support and encourage each family in the education of their children and to ensure that the school is a resource for all, whether their children attend the church school or not. We are committed to letting the Holy Spirit work in and through us so that we can truly be a light to our world here in Templeton and the surrounding communities.

Purpose & Objectives

The supreme goal of THAS is the restoration of the image of God in our students. Working in partnership with the church and the family, we are dedicated to providing a caring environment where students are encouraged to:

  1. BulletCome to know God as a Being who personally cares about each individual

  2. BulletRecognize God as the Creator

  3. BulletIncrease their understanding of Bible teachings on a level appropriate to their age

  4. BulletMaster the basic skills of reading, writing, speech, spelling, and mathematics

  5. BulletBecome acquainted with appropriate common knowledge of history, literature, science, art and music

  6. BulletDevelop their thinking and creative skills, rather than be mere reflectors of other’s thoughts

  7. BulletRespect others, regardless of their abilities, appearance, or heritage

The Multi-grade Classroom

 THAS uses the multi-grade model.  The multi-grade classroom offers an alternative to the model that is currently used in most schools.  The students form a type of family-group.  The older students help the younger ones with everything from social situations to reading aloud, and the younger students feel confident that they can ask for assistance from their older counterparts.  For more information on the benefits of the multi-grade classroom, please refer to the multigrade link above.

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Templeton Hills Seventh-day Adventist School