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Life Groups

Life Groups are sermon-based small groups that will be meeting for just 1 more week. The sermon series is titled "Gifted". We will be focusing on how the Holy Spirit gifts each of us for a special work to share Jesus with the world. *********************************************************************** How will this work? We currently have 7 small groups that you can choose from. We have groups on various days, held at various times, making it easy to find a day and time and group that will work for you. Each week at church, beginning this Sabbath, you will receive a study guide (inserted in the bulletin) that will correspond to the sermon topic. These study guides will outline the format and the topic of the small groups for that week.  The idea is that you will hear the sermon, then attend a small group sometime that week which will take you deeper into the topic. It is our desire that the small groups will be practical, encouraging, and inspiring!  *************************************************************************** If you are interested in signing up, contact Leah Page. ************************************************************************* We know many of you were blessed during the last session of Life Groups, and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity again!  Remember, it's only once a week --and you will be so blessed! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! This is also an excellent opportunity to invite friends or neighbors to a small group!
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11/10/2017 Lesson_7_-_Gifted_-The_Fullness_(Web_Version).pdf Download
11/03/2017 Lesson_6_--_Gifted_-__Together_(Web_Version).pdf Download
10/27/2017 Lesson_5_--_Gifted_-__To_Give_(Web_Version).pdf Download
10/20/2017 Lesson_4_--_Gifted_-__Use_It_Or_Lose_It_.pdf Download
10/16/2017 Lesson_3_--_Gifted_-__In_Dependence_5231_.pdf Download
10/06/2017 Lesson_2_--_Gifted_-__To_Make_Him_Known_.pdf Download
09/29/2017 Life_Groups__Gifted__ALL.pdf Download